Spooky Casual Friday.

I love Halloween, it is my favourite season after Christmas. I mean it is the only time of the year where an adult can dress up as someone else without looking completely insane ! Halloween could be the perfect night for fashion and fashionistas to explore their creativity. But there are always ladies dressing up as zombies and other not classy creatures. Well that’s the thing I don’t like about Halloween, why would you sacrifice your elegance and allure. Halloween could also be the only night where you can dress as a diva without being called a snob. And personally I believe the “slutty dress code” for Halloween is over as you could also go half naked to a club and that would be totally fine (welcome to the 21st Century!).

Every year the struggle is real to find a costume and usually we wait until the last minute. With this post I will give you some ideas from two different “spooky” tv shows, American Horror Story and Scream Queens, and from one of my favourite movie Only Lovers left Alive based on their most stylish characters.

American Horror Story


The alternative to the slutty bunny



Emma Roberts as Madison Montgomery

The modern witch outfit




Frances Conroy as Myrtle Snow


The diva vampire

lady-gaga-american-horror-story lady-gaga-american-horror-story-see-first-photo-premiere-ftr lady-gaga-in-ahs-hotel

Lady Gaga as Elizabeth

Scream Queens 

Why not dress up really preppy like these characters and just add some blood here and there ?

Chanel believes that a sorority is one last place in the world where you get to pick and choose the people around you.

Emma Roberts as Chanel


Only lovers left alive 

The edgy vampire


Tom Hiddelston as Adam and Tilda Swinton as Eve

Here is a small make up tutorial I found on Youtube by Roxxsaurus on how to do a beautiful vampire tutorial far from the traditional vampire make up to make you even more stylish!



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