Juicy Casual Friday.

Finding an outfit for your travel journey can be a hard thing. BUT it is possible to travel and be chic, meaning leave your sweatpants for the gym and put on some decent clothes. There are usually two kind of travel styles, the classy effortless and the chic jet-setter style. Personally I think the classy effortless one is the best because the goal of travelling well is to get to your destination without being exhausted and spend the rest of your day in your bed. So here are some advice from our favourite globe trotter and some tips on how to travel healthy and well.

The first tip I would suggest is to take a night flight for long flights. By doing so you will kick the jet lag effect to the side and enjoy your trip.

Drink a lot of water and healthy juices (without added sugar). It is important because you need to stay hydrated in order to not feel exhausted and stressed. Don’t eat junk food or sugary food, rather privilege nuts or fruits and veggies.

Sleeping pills are good but only if you are really afraid of flying otherwise try to skip it.

For girls, it is probably better to give up the full on make up before heading to your airport. Sunglasses are the alternative, let your skin breath to keep a healthy skin during these stressful travels that can be quite long sometimes.

Keep yourself busy. The waiting time before boarding can be quite long, so check out the new book releases or grab a magazine to make time go faster. And music is your best friend so make sure you don’t forget your headphones at home.

On the fashion side, I recommend to wear loose clothes with neutral colours and a pair of comfy shoes. I always wear black pants with a large sweater or an oversize shirt and a pair of Nikes sneakers so you can always look stylish and be able to sleep in the plane comfortably.

Don’t carry too much with you on the plane and don’t wear layers of clothes because when passing security you will have to take all the layers off. Travelling and wearing jewellery is not the best think either because you have chances to loose them when taking them off, speaking from personal experience.

Here are some inspirations on how to dress for a plane ride:









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