Rosy Saturday Night Live.

Rose is a Polish movie directed by Wojciech Smarzowski, which tells a love story of a Polish resistance army officer and a Masurian woman. Seemingly a romance, the production embraces more than a relationship of two people. Historical circumstances, aspects of war relocations, renationalization and expulsions are its actual message.

The story begins when a Polish officer and a veteran of Warsaw uprising- Tadeusz Mazur, arrives to the Mazuria-a region of former Prussia, to deliver the possessions of a dead solder to his wife Roza. The two start to develop a love relationship, which meets with a negative reception among the Polish nationals. That would be it when it comes to the romance part.

roza wojciech smarzowski 7_3370544

The real message of the movie, or at least how I received it, is much more complex and everything but positive. To make her relationship last, Roza is forced to change nationality, for the second time in her life. Being a German citizen in post-war Poland meant a constant threat of danger and daily unpleasenties. She faces two choices-an embarrassing change of nationality or change of country.

The movie also touches upon the fact of how hard was it to put one’s life in order in post-war circumstances. Constantly reappearing aspects of uprisings, Polish resistance movements and death are haunting the individuals in their daily life.

The couple is just a background and a perfect example of the post-war realities and struggles. Although it will definitely bring a tear to your eyes, it should be an important position on your to-watch list taking into consideration its historical aspect.



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