Clumsy Casual Friday.

The brand Comme des Garçons was created in 1969, the erotic year. This parisian-nippon company has at its head Rei Kawakubo and Adrian Joffe. They have a quite interesting style as you can see in the pictures of their designs below. These are pieces from their last collections.

Spring Summer 2015

Spring Summer 2016

Quite artistic, they manage to create pieces that look unorganised and made by a very clumsy assistant who did not know how to combine the different materials. However what I appreciate in their work is the sort of complex poetic elements present in them. Despite the mainstream collections and collaborations that the brand has, I do consider their work as something seriously artistic and researched which could be called “couture” in a more general idea of the term. I mean you love it or you hate it. And this is something that is also applicable to contemporary art, like the Comme des Garçons designs.


This is the perfect example of fashion as a performative art.



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