Lost Lundi Gras.

As finals are approaching, and the winter season has us leaving cold, it also appears that we can lose motivation. It does not mean we lose our creativity on the long run but at least it seems to stagnate. Now, what should you do if you’ve lost inspiration, or simply don’t think you are up to it anymore? here are a few tips, and do not give up just yet!


  1. first of all, reflect on what you like to do. do you truly enjoy just lying in your bed watching the days pass by? we are pretty sure most of the people from our generation are full of talent and do not exploit it enough. find inspiration in memories for example: did you enjoy putting together that collage in primary school? then start scrap-booking away! do you like to randomly take stills of details in the streets? photography might be your thing.. you never know what is out there.
  2. let yourself breathe. it is important you avoid letting your environment (including your study sessions and rooms full of notes) determine how you feel. if you feel you are not getting anywhere and have been flipping on that little hole in the wall for way to long, maybe its time to go for a walk, even if you remain in your house. try to gaze at things differently and maybe you’ll feel inspired.
  3. write down a to-do list. we all have dreams, small or too big. even if they may seem out of reach in the immediate future, you’ll feel thrilled and excited when you’ll write those dreams down. because they give you hope and show you expect much more from life, that you want to explore all of its aspects. that’s great!
  4. create something for someone else. is someone’s birthday coming up? wellllll… instead of purchasing something new, force yourself to find an idea that will please the other person and create it from scratch. you’ll have to find the necessary material, find a way to put it together and you’ll feel very satisfied when giving it to that person. a small action but a long creative process that is sure to give you that spark back!
  5. we would like to say, give yourself a break and watch some TED talks (this is not some useless promotions). they actually present young speakers that got out of their comfort zone and achieve what they loved.

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