Fresh Inspirational Wednesday.

Benjamin S. Kim.

When trying to find out a bit more about the background on Benjamin S. Kim AKA Sunkyong Kim, we come across a few difficulties. Indeed, Benjamin is still a student at the School of Visual Art in New York. His work nevertheless is polished and fresh as his projects manage to give to Art the subjectivity it needs to be understood. Benjamin S. Kim’s projects are oriented towards this aspect as they give each viewer the power to understand the art piece differently. He works with colors but also frames and perspectives. From Colors, the series presented here makes use of bright colors and bold lines which would not be associated to everyday life.

James Macari.

James Macari is an american fashion photographer. Having received a photographic education at the University of Oklahoma, it is in New York that he finds his inspiration and work environment. Well-known photographers such as Richard Avedon & Patrick Demarchelier must have seen talent in this man as they took him under their wing and enabled him to perfection his technique. He became a name in the industry himself with his capturing of light and the intimate environment felt throughout his photography. His work often portray beautiful women in a natural environment in which they seem relaxed and fresh.

Sam Scholes.

Often, photographers link their passion for photography to their upbringing and family environment. Sam Scholes says his father gave him the interest of photography that followed him throughout his childhood. It is not until his college years that he experiences digital photography which gave him the freedom to test different things. We chose him for this weeks article not only because this series captures ice (freezing) castles but also because he has a fresh opinion f the world. He claims the world is full of richness and beauty that we should capture this essence when it is possible.


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