Fresh Premiere Thursday.

Garden State (2004)
by Zach Braff

If you’ve had the great pleasure to see “Wish I was here” in the beginning of 2015; Garden State will bring you back to the birth of ever-so emotionally and artistically brilliant Zach Braff. Another Zach Braff masterpiece, from start to finish.


Garden State was a KickStarter project; a mini promotional video posted online along with the splot on hoping to get funding to complete the project like millions others through the financial suuport of strangers sharing the interest in seeing the story come to life. Funding succeeded, Garden State happened. Despite surprisingly discouraging and disappointed critics, this film remains a classic to those indie film lovers.
Zach Braff stars as the main character, ingenuously acting as an over medicated quietly troubled young man. He returns to his hometown for his mother’s funeral, to an estranged psychologist father (responsible for his son’s overmedication). Once home, the journey starts. Nathalie Portman, Peter Sarsgaard and Zach embark on the most random of adventure filled with witty esthetically brilliant touches and the usual Zach Braff smart take on the awkwardness of life and people.
Dodgy deals hotel room shenanigans, a minivan at the bottom of a never ending whole, tears captured and stored in a glass, the perfect playlist to make your mind and emotions travel on with the characters, a most mind blowing simple ending to the most complex adventure we are all embarked in: life.

If you’ve ever felt like screaming on top of your lungs at the edge of a cliff, have felt lost and wondering in wander, found chance encounters at the strangest moments; you’ve been in Garden State.



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