Fresh Casual Friday.

For a few years now the mainstream fashion world has been taken over by the popular and RnB culture. Celebrities like Kanye West or PDiddy set a foot out of the music industry to launch their own fashion business and become fashion icons. If your style is fresh, in the slang vocabulary, then it means that you have a pretty nice style that is approved by your fellows. This word started to be used in the 80’s in New York by the RnB and Hip Hop “followers”. This article is the perfect opportunity to explore the stylistic evolution of Mr Kanye West, who is probably the most influential rapper in the fashion industry. And to see how his style influenced our modern mainstream fashion trends. Love him or hate him, the only point we can agree on is that he has a great sense of style and I see him as a visionary of the fashion industry today.

In 2008 West was opting for the combination of urban wear outfits and of preppy ones. His music video with Estelle summarises pretty well the fashion atmosphere of the moment as well as the evolution of his style to a more bling bling one in the following years.

Kanye really started to stand out of the crowd and affirmed his own style which was a mix between ostentation and edginess.

Surprisingly, when he started dating (since 2012) his current Kim Kardashian West, Kanye became more edgy and minimalist. Kim was famous for her bimbo and bling bling style from her early career but as a couple they evolved in the same direction stylistically speaking.

2012-2013 is the year when the couple was propelled as the most powerful couple in the fashion world. Becoming friends with designers, the most influential people  and starting collaborations with big fashion names.

Kanye already had a collaboration with Nike and Louis Vuitton for some limited edition shoes in 2009 . He also launched his own line in 2011 but was a flop.

Now I think Kanye has so much influence on popular culture and the fashion world that his style, may it evolve, can be called “fresh” in slang. I do think that his style is good because he has the courage to innovate and stand out as well as starting new trends that are maybe not in accordance with the high fashion standards.

Just to illustrate this influence, the collaboration he has with Adidas for his Yeezy shoes is a huge success and was sold out in a second despite their high price for an Adidas quality. His clothing collection for Adidas as well has been presented at the New York Fashion Week for two years now. Also a lot of celebrities from the Kardashian family to Justin Bieber who have a huge impact on popular taste and culture all adopted his style. Which makes Mr West a legitimate “freshness” creator.



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