Fresh Saturday Night Live.

Since the New Year calls for a fresh perspective on the contemporary events, this week I decided to have a critical look at one of today’s most popular and beloved political figures-the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada- Justin Trudeau.


Handsome, charismatic, stunning with energy and accompanied with portrait-like family, Trudeau won the hearts of Canadian and worldwide audience in an amazing pace and managed to become one of the most recognizable world leaders in less than two months. Appointed on the 4th November 2015, Trudeau obliged himself to withdraw Canadian air force from Syria and Iraq and to welcome 25 thousand Syrian refugees until the end of 2015. Indeed, it would be hard to overlook the pictures of the young minister holding refugee children, with a celebrity-like smile on his face and dozens of reporters fighting to catch a glimpse of that fashionable figure.

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau, being only 44, is one of the youngest political leaders in 140-years history of Canada. Regardless of his own preferences, the celebrity haze surrounded him since the early childhood, simply because his farther-Pierre Trudeau, also served as Canadian prime minister. Trudeau junior cleverly manipulates and exploits that popular image and plays it along with his Hollywood smile and alluring personality. For some, especially the Conservative Party of Canada, that picture is only a sign of incompetence and lack of experience. Trudeau’s celebrity appearance and young image is then also a curse and an aim of attacks. His opponents often criticize him for magazine appearances and the astonishing number of ‘selfies’ on which the leader agreed to to charm his beloved audience.

All in all, are those traits such a bad characteristic? And is youthfulness, charisma and absorbing appearance such a drawback in the world of politics? Maybe those are just calls of jealousy from the defeated opponents, but let 2016 make its (political) judgment for itself.



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