Renewed Lundi Gras.

For most of us, 2016 has been extremely mind wrecking and tiring. In an age where social media curates what each individual ‘should’ see, or in which public image is prominent, it becomes difficult to emancipate oneself from various dictates.

Now, it would be shameful to say that each and every one of us feels this pressure: a lot of people have the power and advantage of being able to flick away any sort of pressure. However, this year has made me realise how sensitive and fragile people in my surroundings have become. We are told we have to succeed, we have to appear or behave a certain way, aspire to certain things, all in all, we may be asked to conform. Everyone has their say on any given subject, sometimes forgetting to acknowledge the person sharing their discussion may have different ethics or beliefs. Also, younger generations feel the need to change things, in particular by making their voices heard. Contesting everything, confrontations and argumentation have become the reality of my news feed. However, most of the time, personal opinions are expressed without justification or background knowledge meaning people can get hurt. 2016 has been intense.


On a more global level, media once again have failed to be objective and sincere. National televisions focus on presenting the beauty of things, the success of their own countries, presenting a sort of mindless patriarchy when the rest of the world is not doing very well. We can feel more and more powerless facing this lack of coherence in the sharing of information. We fail to see that there is another vision, very far removed from what we believe is ‘true’ that can be shared. Yes, it is true, sometimes we have difficulties moving away from our ethnocentric mind frame in order to see that there are absolutely delusional minds out there. News & media have become symbolic of power, as they can convey any knowledge they wish without being contested. Masses, and individuals become incapable of forging an emancipated opinion.

However, there is hope. The worst is not yet to come, or hopefully not. Surely 2016 has been full of chaos, with ever growing social, economic and ecological inequalities in the world. But we are aware, and we share. We share our frustrations and become conscious of our insecurities. Entertainment industries and artistic productions have become closer to human insecurities that may have been repressed in the past. People can be scared, hurt, misunderstood and these natural feelings should be presented in a new light. Mental health has been widely talked about through the bias of scientific discoveries or even artists (and especially musicians) that have talked about their ongoing insecurities. Art can be seen as a cure and a solution for our modern frustrations.

We have lost many icons in 2016: David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Bill Cunningham, Prince, Muhammad Ali, Carrie Fisher, George Martin, etc. Pop culture has been impacted on by the loss of symbols of success, freedom, and creativity. 2017 can be an emblem from renewal. Let us be positive for what is to come and channel this energy into creation and cooperation, into love and acceptance.

In 2017, ‘Themeatic’ has become ‘Themeatix’. A more open-minded platform which aims at talking about more sincere topics. We will showcase art & ideas that we think are genuine and deserve being shared. We believe culture & art can be a cure to modern ills and we hope you enjoy what we have in store for you!

Best wishes & a Happy New Year!




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