Renewed Inspirational Wednesday.

Alasdair McLellan.

The English photographer has a few tricks up his sleeves. His popularity in the fashion world has allowed him to reach out to the music sphere, allowing him to film the latest The XX video in 2016 for ‘On Hold’. As you can see below, McLellan’s photography presents an honest portrayal of the subjects which sometimes may seem far removed from the preconceived image we have of some stars. They seem calm and sometimes even vulnerable. Also in 2016, the visual artist published Ceremony, a book which gathered a project he had in 2006 in which he allows a new on the daily lives of British soldiers.

Louise Bourgeois.

The french-american artist, whom passed away in 2010, has left a great visual legacy. An exhibition at the Tate Modern in London, in 2016, showcased a large amount of her fantastical work which relates to her vision of the world. Observing her work enables the audience to view the world from her eyes as she transforms everyday life into extraordinary. For example, the print Anatomy #11, presents a rope-like figure. However using the term ‘anatomy’ related the figure to the human body. In this way, the artist confuses our use of word and the symbolic we associate to them. Her play on words and concepts presents a fresh viewpoint on themes that are important to her such as female sexuality, feminism, and the body.



& some joy for the road!


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