Renewed Casual Friday.

About a few months ago I moved from my little Belgian city to Paris for my studies. I really felt like I needed to move to a bigger city and experience the real life with exciting things happening to me. Well there is one thing I can say about my new home. It is that exciting things happened to me. I started my studies that I really enjoy and have amazing new friends. Living in Paris is like living in a dream city and I feel so blessed to live here. However big cities equate more people. More people means more crazy things happening to you.

Renewal is about learning from the past and its mistakes to make the future better. Well every January 1st is a day where people try to take good decisions. My rational mind sees this first day of the year as every other day. I mean this day is not really the beginning of something new. Maybe people need to set a date to make good decisions for themselves. Therefore there is something we could ask ourselves. Are we so bothered and ashamed of what we did in the past that we have to set a date to make things better? Well I would think so. For example when we decide to lose weight, it obviously means that we are not at ease with our bodies. We feel ashamed of ourselves  or guilty and therefore we try to compensate this vision of ourselves with the hope that in the next “year” we would pay more attention to us. I do believe that a true renewal/good resolution should be taken when you really feel like you are ready to change. Not because it is the first day of the year.


A renewal is like cleaning your closet. You need to be ready to let some things go. Even tough you like them and want to keep them, you know you do not wear them. Well in your life these “cleanings” are necessary. Letting things go because they are negative are the best renewals. I moved to Paris to be more at ease with myself and find “love” (I know such a cliché). That was my  impression of how things would be like. Well to be honest I only had “crazy people” in my personal life since I got here.  But after a few months being here I have to reevaluate my initial hopes and ambition in order not to make myself go nuts over things that are more difficult that I thought. When you live in a small city and you do great things you always stand out and you feel special. In a big city when you do the same you just feel like any other person.

So renewals are about questioning yourself, and about your past life. But it is also a way or evaluating our current state of mind and reminding yourself of what is to be cherished.



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